Measure S

  • In November 2018, the City of Vallejo voters passed Measure S, a $194 million bond for the Vallejo City Unified School District to fund the acquisition, construction, renovations, furnishing, and equipping of school facilities. This bond was based on the Measure S Implementation Plan.

    Bond project work began in the summer of 2020. Per the approved schedule by the Board of Education in September 2019, the first $212,000 in funds included work at Dan Mini and Federal Terrace Elementary schools and Vallejo High School. To see all of the projects completed and in process, see our projects page

    We want to express our gratitude to the community for supporting the much-needed upgrades to the facilities of Vallejo City Unified School District on behalf of the students.

Current Projects

  • Glen Cove Elementary Status: Set to begin June 2024
  • Patterson Elementary Status: Set to begin June 2024
  • Steffan Manor Elementary Status: Set to begin June 2024
  • Wardlaw Elementary Status: Set to begin June 2024
  • Cooper Elementary Status: In Process
  • Dan Mini Elementary Status: In Process
  • Federal Terrace Elementary Status: In Process
  • Hogan Middle School Status: In Process
  • Lincoln Elementary Status: In Process

Contact Us

  • Valezka Emes
    Director of Facilities and Bond Program
    Phone: 707-556-8921 x51478 

    Marisol Felix
    Bond Coordinator
    Phone: 707-556-8921 x51540

    Emily Tesolin

    Bond Program Technician
    Phone: 707-556-8921 x51475

Meeting Information

  • Next Meeting

Completed Projects

  • Vallejo High School - 2023
    Cave Middle School - 2022
    Highland Elementary - 2022
    Window Coverings at Various Sites - 2022
    Play Structures at Various Elementary and K8 Sites - 2021
    Corbus Field Refurbishment and Site Work - 2021
    Solano Widenmann Site Renovations Phase 1 - 2020
    Solano Furniture Replacement - 2020
    Exterior Painting Phase 3 - 2020
    Exterior Painting Phase 2 - 2020
    Exterior Painting Phase 1 - 2019

Future Projects

  • Glen Cove Elementary - 2024
    Patterson Elementary- 2024
    Steffan Manor Elementary- 2024
    Wardlaw Elementary - 2024
    Solano Widenmann Leadership Academy - 2025
    Vallejo Charter School - 2026
    Jesse Bethel High School - 2026
    John Finney Education Complex - 2026