• New to Jesse Bethel High School? Visit our counseling office.

    Need to make an appointment?  Please see the Counseling secretary, before school, during lunch, or after school (not during class time). 

    Not sure where to ask your question? Contact the counseling secretary for directions to the appropriate resources (student records, class schedules, counseling appointments, and records requests from other schools).

    Have questions about your grades or your child’s grades? Please contact our teachers for information about current grades.

    Did you know that we provide parents with the opportunity to view their child's grades 24/7 online? Find out more information about your child's progress on Aeries

    How to make an appointment
    Using the email address,
     please state the reason you are requesting an appointment with your counselor. 

    Your counselor will get back to you as soon as possible, and thank you for your patience!

  • Counseling Staff

    To request a counseling appointment

    Dwayne Jones

    Grade: 9th Grade
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51017
    Email: dgjones@vcusd.org

    Rita McNamara
    Grade: 12th Grade
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51023

    Colleen O'Neal
    Grade: 10th Grade 
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51016
    Email: coneal@vcusd.org

    Maurice Udobia
    Grade: 11th Grade
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51110
    Email: mudobia@vcusd.org

    Student Support Contacts
    Alejandra Rafael 
    Academic Support Provider (ASP)
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51087
    Email: arafael@vcusd.org

    Tamisha (Misha) Lee
    Mental Health Support Provider
    Phone: 707-556-5700 x51166
    Email: TLee@VCUSD.org