Foster Youth Services

  • Foster Youth Services (FYS) seek to address the unique educational needs of youth in foster care systems. Many youth in foster care experience multiple changes in home placements as they are placed with foster parent(s), guardian homes (kinship/relative or non-relative) and group homes.  Because of the complexities of their experience, many foster youth perform below grade level, are held back in school,  and have lower graduation rates than their peers.  Foster Youth Services supports and advocates for the academic success of foster youth in collaboration with District offices, schools, care providers, child welfare, community-based agencies, and youth. 

    FYS ensures equitable access to education for foster youth by removing barriers to education in accordance with CA law (AB 490), such as: 

    • School Stability – The right to remain in their original school when they enter foster care or move (if in their best interests);
    • Immediate Enrollment – The right to be immediately enrolled in a new school (even without health/education records);
    • Partial Credit – The right to receive partial or full credit for work completed at other schools (all students have this right);
    • Fairness – The right to not be punished for court-related absences.

Contact Us

  • Michael Santos
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
    Phone: 707-556-8941 x50160