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Welcome to the hub that makes this educational institution function. Each department of Vallejo City Unified School District serves an essential function in ensuring our students and community are given the best opportunity for a bright and successful future.

The day-to-day operations, programs, and services offered to our students can be found within the various departments listed below. Below is a list of each department, where you can find information, resources, and tools to help you.

Business Services

In Business Services, we see our responsibility as part of the building blocks of support to enable all departments and staff to contribute to the success of our diverse learners.

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Educational Services

The Teaching and Learning department ensures that students are equipped with the academic and life skills needed to become productive citizens. 

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Human Resources

Human Resources helps the District hire new staff and works side-by-side with our unions.

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The Operations department helps with the daily upkeep and maintenance of our facilities, including custodial, transportation and our site safety officers.

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Superintendent's Office

In the Superintendent's office we work with the Board of Education and ensure timely and accurate communications through our Communications office.

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