John Finney High School

  • High school is different for every student. Some students enter high school, never looking back, and hit the ground running. Others struggle for various reasons in the early years or at some stage as they progress toward graduation. Drawing students from all across Vallejo, John Finney High School is a unique program that allows students to work with teachers to recover credits needed to achieve graduation in a four-year timeline. Many John Finney students return to their home school and graduate with their cohort class. In contrast, others will finish off their high school year at John Finney and participate in a ceremony where they receive their diploma. Learning is done in person, but there are online elements to support the acquisition of needed credits.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide support for highly credit deficient high school students by offering flexible and innovative methods through credit recovery.

Our Goal

  • Our Goal is that our students have every opportunity to recover high school credits necessary for graduation, defeat obstacles blocking educational goals, and prepare with skills necessary for vocation and or higher learning.

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is for every student to have an opportunity towards graduation and a choice of a vocation and or higher education despite obstacles such as credit deficiency.


  • In Support of our Vision, we will target these students and provide the necessary opportunity and intervention.