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Highlights in Black Excellence

Last month’s Black History Month Assembly at Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy showcased a variety of talent across grade levels. Each grade level presented a variety of performances, including the Loma Steppers, composed of predominantly 5th and some 4th-grade students directed by Principal Lynn Baranco-Bibb. The middle school 6th-8th graders performed an acapella, step, and visual light performance to a Black History medley singing "Lean on Me," "This Little Light of Mine," and a Ghanaian song titled "Tue Tue" which depicts a student's promise to their community to always learn. This middle school production was a great success thanks to the coordination and direction of 8th grade teacher, Ms. Beverly Lehualani Corpuz, 6th grade teacher, Ms. Lola Sims, along with the entire PBIS committee.

Students performing at their school's Black History Month Assembly

The school's assembly coordinators standing for a group photo