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Vallejo High School Students Treated to Filipino Dances

VALLEJO, Calif. - Last week, Vallejo High School students were treated to a lunchtime performance by their peers. The students showcased their talents in traditional Filipino dances, including Tinikling, Tiklos, and Sarungbanggi. An impressive 118 students from VHS' Filipino classes participated in this captivating dance event.

Tinikling, a traditional Philippine folk dance with roots tracing back to the Spanish colonial era, was a significant highlight of the performance. This dance involves a coordinated effort by at least two individuals, who rhythmically beat, tap, and slide bamboo poles on the ground and against each other. These poles create a dynamic framework for one or more dancers to gracefully step over and move between them, imitating the nimble and agile tikling birds. The dance captures the legendary grace and speed of these birds as they navigate through grass stems, run over tree branches, and evade bamboo traps set by rice farmers.

Tiklos, another Philippine folk dance, depicts a group of peasants who collaboratively agreed to work for one day each week. Their collective efforts were aimed at tasks like clearing the forest and preparing the soil for planting.