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Jesse Bethel Students Hold Mock Trial

VALLEJO, Calif. - Jesse Bethel Law Academy students embarked on a unique educational journey that fused various subjects into a captivating mock trial experience on Friday, Dec. 8.

Their endeavor was a multi-disciplinary collaboration involving their law elective, modern world history, English, and chemistry classes. In their law studies, students delved into trial procedures, while history lessons revolved around the global ramifications of the Industrial Revolution. Chemistry class offered insights into the revolution's enduring impact on the environment. Meanwhile, English sessions honed the students' skills in leveraging evidence to support arguments employing emotional and logical appeals.

The focal point of the mock trial centered on placing Andrew Carnegie on trial for crimes against humanity based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Over a month, students meticulously scrutinized evidence, prepared for their respective roles, and sought guidance from seasoned legal professionals. Marjaneh Maroufi from the Solano County Public Defenders Office and Renee Haase from the Solano County District Attorney's office graciously shared their expertise, aiding the students in readying themselves for the trial. After the event, the students channeled their experiences into composing analytical essays elucidating Andrew Carnegie's role amidst the Industrial Revolution, substantiating their arguments with evidence gleaned from the trial.