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Sister Cities: Uniting Cultures Across the Globe

Vallejo High School’s Sister Cities event on Feb.15th unified students and leaders from Akashi, Japan with the Vallejo community. The event was a collaboration with the City of Vallejo Sister City Commission and Vallejo Sister City Association in an effort to host Principal Okuuchi Masahiro and his son. 

Principal Waldron along with ASB President Cindy Yu and ASP Vice-President Yathip (Alice) Souvandara toured Vallejo High School’s campus, including the Wellness Center, the Engineering Makers Lab, the Construction Technology Lab, and AP Physics with Ms. May Lozada. 

Throughout the tour, the students, Mr. Waldron, and other attendees shared some of the rich history of the school and the city of Vallejo.The event was a great success in uniting the two cultures, highlighting the many strengths, challenges, and goals that our schools and cities have in common.

“The Sister Schools program aims to increase opportunities for cross-cultural learning and encourages students as global citizens to take pride in their region and learn about other areas from across the globe.” - Victoria Grace-Barksdale, Youth Coordinator (Administrative Analyst II), City of Vallejo

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