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VCUSD Spring AP Advanced Study Skills Course

Advanced Study Skills for Grades 9-12

Could your teen benefit from better study habits or better time management skills? If you want to ensure they can tackle the demands of high school, college and careers, then this program is for you! It’s a powerful way to help your teen become an independent learner and achieve greater success in school and beyond.

Your teen will learn:

  • Organization and time management skills to effectively and efficiently manage time and ever-growing workloads
  • Strategic planning techniques to manage and achieve short and long-term goals
  • Study and test-taking tips and strategies for every subject and type of test, as well as ways to tackle test anxiety
  • Develop skills that will be useful well into the future, including skills such as public speaking, goal-setting, and even job interview preparation
  • Tips and tactics to manage the college admissions process, including support with writing the college essay, completing the application, and so much more!

Set Your Teen Up For Success!

Sign up for our Spring Camp and choose the skill areas you want your teen to improve, and we tailor our program to your selections.

3 Virtual Session Options:

March 25-28
April 1-4
April 6, 13, 20, 27
Meeting Time: 9-11am

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