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Cooper Elementary Hosts Interactive Fire Safety Presentations

Cooper Elementary welcomed SFARY (Support for Actively Rising Youth) and members of their Firefighter Youth Academy for the second annual interactive fire safety presentations.

From Mar. 21 through Mar. 22, SFARY and members of their Firefighter Youth Academy taught students the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” technique, what to do if you're caught inside during a fire, and discussed kid-friendly fire prevention measures. The Firefighter Youth Academy is mainly made up of current VCUSD students, making it a great way for older students to interact with younger ones, making it a meaningful learning opportunity. 

Thank you to Principal Janice Lubin, Battalion Chief Byron Berhel, all the members of the Firefighter Youth Academy, and all others who supported this event.

Youth firefighter volunteer helps student during an interactive fire drill

Students listening during a fire safety presentation.

Youth firefighter volunteers presenting safety tips to students

Students excited during interactive portion of a fire safety presentation.

Students participating in an interactive fire drill.

Firehouse mascot entertaining students after the safety presentation.