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Solano Widenmann Leadership Day

Solano Widenmann’s Annual Leadership Day, held on May 8th, brought the VCUSD community together for a day of fun and enriching activities. The event amplified Solano’s “Leader in Me” approach, focusing on student, staff, and community worth and potential.

Families and students alike enjoyed the featured student performances and activities hosted by local businesses, non-profits, and volunteers on campus. Games and matches ranging from basketball, to hockey and volleyball took place in the gymnasium, generating excitement throughout the crowd. Each classroom featured different activities, including games and art projects to invoke creativity and camaraderie across the school.

The well attended event was a highlight of the spring season, uniting the community in celebration to enjoy the student inspired activities, projects, exhibitions and performances. 

Students painting

Students dancing during a performance

Student mid-conversation at a guest table.

Event guest and barbershop team giving a student a haircut

Students dancing

VCUSD Staff line dancing with students during the event.

Student in conversation at a guest table.

Students performing a dance at the event

Student perform during the event

Students mid-performance

Students celebrating after a performance